Next Generation Website Statistics combined with Web 2.0

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Recently, I came across a very interesting website named CrazyEgg. Although it had been around for quite some time now but the idea is still new. This website basically provides the services of website/blog statistics of the visitors along with a new dimension, i.e. their clicking tendencies. Like other website counters, in order to have the stats, you have to add snippet of code into your page and then it automatically creates a tracking cookie which records the activities.

The thing which inspires me most about this site is its ability to actually visualize the clicking tendencies of the visitors. You can basically see all the places on the page where the visitors clicked. It can display the visitors activity in three formats.

1. Overlay Format:

Diffierent colors represents the origin of the visitors.

2. List Format:

A sorted list with clicking percentage.

3. Heatmap Format: (Hot)

This one is really cool. The more clicked regions have red color while the transition is towards blue for lesser clicks.

They also offer a free account which may only track upto 5000 visitors. Generally its a really amazing way to analyze the tendencies of the visitors and accordingly monetize your site.

PS: This is not a paid review. I have found the website amazingly wonderful to be shared. The opinion expressed is solely mine. You may contradict as per your perception. If you have some other amazing site/blog worth a share then please comment here.

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