Google App + iPhone: Faster Browsing

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After the unprecedented success of iPod, Apple Inc. launched their highly awaited Iphone. Iphone proved to be yet an other success story. With its iconic design, light weight and huge touch screen, made it a must-have gadget. Then Apple added more spice by introducing 3G iPhone. Lately, Google launched Google Mobile App along with a new version of for iPhone and iPod touch.

Google is claiming that with this new application, iPhone users can browse the web at twice the speed over 3G, Wi-Fi and EDGE. It has also introduced some nicely designed icons and shortcuts which can be added to the Home Screen.

Google has also enhanced the searching experience by removing the extra spaces. The previous or the next pages can be accessed through the back and forward buttons. The other services of Google can also be accessed using this App. The application is compatible with both iPhone and iPod touch. It also works with the 3G iPhone.

Google Mobile App is available at App Store and can be download from the phone directly.
Watch Google Mobile App in action.

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