A Digg popular with maximum buried comments

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Today i came across this funny picture at digg in the comedy section and was amazed to see that being it a popular story, the top 50 comments were are buried and were below the viewing threshold level ( i have set it to -10 diggs or higher and the highest was -30)
Here is the image of the webpage:

Click here to see the Digg story.

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The Death of BlogRush

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 If you dont know about BlogRush then Here is some info for you.

BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need:
More Readers For Their Blog.
By adding the BlogRush Widget to a blog, a blogger can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs.
BlogRush users earn "syndication credits" (the right to have their blog post titles shown inside a widget on another related blog) based on their own traffic (loads of the widget) as well as the traffic of other users they refer to BlogRush. Users can automatically refer others to BlogRush via special links on the widget, as well as through the promotion of a special referral URL they are given.
BlogRush is a "Cooperative Syndication Network" that rewards its users for their contributions to the network -- from the impressions they provide of the BlogRush Widget to the referral of other users through 10 'generations' of activity and the impressions of the widget that they provide. BlogRush was designed to be incredibly viral and to provide its users with tremendous distribution leverage to receive exposure for their blog content (onto related content blogs) that they could never achieve on their own; at least without a massive advertising budget.
BlogRush is the brainchild of Internet entrepreneur, John Reese. Mr. Reese is the founder and CEO of Income.com, a soon to be launched social network and media company for entrepreneurs. BlogRush is the first Web property of the Income.com Network, a network of sites and services to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed. Income.com is based in Orlando, Florida.
They are closing down because of not able to assure the quality of their service and suffering a low click rate. despite having couple of million impressions a day. Here is the email which they are sending out to their users:
To: All BlogRush Users
After careful consideration, we have decided to shutdown the BlogRush service.  If you have the widget code on your blog you will need to remove it.
When BlogRush launched in late-2007 it spread like wildfire all over the Web.  Thousands of bloggers were talking about it and the service exploded to become one of the fastest growing free services in the history of the Web.  During the first year of the service it successfully served 3.4 Billion blog post headlines and the BlogRush widget could be found on blogs all over the world; even up until the moment we closed down the service.
BlogRush didn’t grow without its fair share of problems — from security issues to abusive users trying to ‘game’ the system to much lower click-rates than expected.  We also had some problems with trying to fairly control the quality of the network, and in the process made many mistakes in deciding what blogs should stay or go.  All of these issues, ultimately, limited the service’s full potential.
Our team worked very hard to try and build a service that would truly help bloggers of all sizes get free traffic to their blogs.  This was our primary focus.  Not once did we ever try to monetize the service with ads or anything else.  BlogRush never made a single penny in revenue.  We wanted to be able to help our users FIRST and then worry about monetizing the service later.
Unfortunately, the service didn’t work out like we had hoped.  (It happens.)
I want to say “Thank You” to all of the great bloggers that at least gave BlogRush a test to see if it would work for them.  We sincerely appreciate you giving the service a try.     We have received several offers & inquiries about acquiring BlogRush, but we are choosing not to go that route.  While many might think this is crazy, we truly feel it’s the ‘right’ thing to do for our users.  Believe it or not, it’s not always about the money.  In fact, BlogRush will have lost a small fortune when it’s all said and done, and it was by choice.
There were many things we could have done to monetize the service but we wanted to make sure it was going to benefit our users first.
Last but not least I want to say that I hope the failure of this service doesn’t in any way discourage other entrepreneurs from coming up with crazy ideas at 4AM (like I did with this one) and from “going for it” to just try and see if something will work.
Without trying there can be no success.  And as we all know, ideas are worthless without action. The Web wouldn’t be what it is today without entrepreneurs trying all sorts of crazy ideas.
On behalf of the entire BlogRush team, we wish the best of luck to everyone with their own blogs, ideas, and crazy ventures.
John Reese
I had used their service for sometime but later abandoned it. Sad to hear this news though but this is a right step at their part because its the quality of service and user satisfaction which should be the priority of the companies.

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Windows Live Messenger Signing In Problem: Error Code 80048820

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This was quite a strange problem which I faced few days ago. I tried everything from checking my firewall and antivirus settings to my proxying settings. But finally when I found out the solution, I was just laughing at the fact that such petty issues can sometimes become real pain in the a**.

If you have issues regarding signing in and the error code is 80048820 with extended code 80048412 then change the date and set it to current. Hopefully this will solve your problem.

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Catch your Laptop Thief for Free | A Laptop Theft Solution

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Consider you have an important business meeting the next day and being the company's finest sales executive, everyone looks up to you. You do your homework, save all your data and prepare a presentation for tomorrow on your laptop. You are quite confident that you would be able to convince the hall and expect a followed up raise. Driving back home to have some rest for the big day, you stop by a super store to grab a pack of lights. When you return you find your side window broken with shattered glass all over the place and to your worst nightmares, your laptop stolen.

These and many more such incidents are quite common these days. Laptop being stolen is shocking as well as frustrating not only to the business executives but also to geeks and average people. Here are some news related to stolen/lost laptops. 

  • Laptops lost like hot cakes at US airports [ networkworld.com ]
  • Laptops could betray users in the developing world [ newscientist.com ]
  • Best Way To Get Back a Stolen Computer? [ slashdot ]
  • 12,000 Laptops Lost Weekly At Airports [ slashdot ]
  • Increase in Stolen Laptops Endangers Data Security [ chronicle.com ]
  • Recovering a Lost or Stolen Gadget [ slashdot ]
  • Which Lost/Stolen Laptop Trackers Do You Like? [ slashdot ]
  • "Back To My Mac" Catches a Thief [ slashdot ]
Adeona is the first Open Source system for tracking the location of your lost or stolen laptop that does not rely on a proprietary, central service which is a project of University of Washington. What it does is that it sits in the background of your computer and continually monitors the current location of the laptop, gathering information (such as IP addresses and local network topology) that can be used to identify its current location. The Mac OS X version also has an option to capture pictures of the laptop user or thief using the built-in iSight camera. Moreover, the developers assure that privacy is their top concern and all the information is accessible only to the owner via encryption methodologies.

All you have to do is download the software and intall it and leave the rest to Adeona.

This software is being developed by the Ph.D. students Gabriel Maganis and Thomas Ristenpart, working with UW faculty members Tadayoshi Kohno and Arvind Krishnamurthy.

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Height of Stupidity

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RapidShare Changed its Download Policy

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RapidShare had been undergoing some serious changes recently which includes increasing of data lanes, updating system policies, initiating reward programs etc.

Recently, they have re-revised their downloading policies. Previously, they had changed the download limit from 25 Gb in 5 days to 10 Gb a day. Now they have restricted their users to download a fixed 80 Gb of data a month. I do not think that this change would be appreciated by the extensive users because this has some significant affects on the download quota. The current 80 Gb / Month is no comparison to 10*30 = 300 Gb / Month. So lets see what would be the reaction of the loyal RS customers.

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I am Back from Vacations

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Well people, i had a long vacation this time and now i am back ready write and update. Sorry for a month's delay.

Type rest of the post here

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Easy Digging Scripts = Banned for Life

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Jim Gaudet wrote about a great script which allows you to shout to only those friends who have not dugg the story. This script was developed by

diggboss who was an active digg user and was later on banned by the Digg administration. The reason stated for banning was that the script uses the Digg API to "automating or rigging the digg algo". As per the author, the script was developed to incorporate additional features which Digg lacks. The author has therefore removed it from his website. Moreover, those who have used it recently, have found themselves banned because of violating the TOS which does not allow use of any script and especially one which makes the life of a digger easier (or you may say which damages the spirit of Digg). So be cautioned and advised for not using any greasemonkey script otherwise you may get your ass banned and would be left only with a sorry face. Happy Digging otherwise.

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My Teacher doesn't want me to be Superman

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Here is a detention slip for a kid trying to be superman.

Source: fukung.net

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Sitemeter is Down

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Sitemeter is a wonderful website/blog statistics service which provides valuable information to the webmasters about their website visitors, their pageviews, popular pages etc.

When i tried to access my blog stats at Sitemeter, I found it unavailable.

Then I read at their blog that they are migrating to a new website. Its always exciting to see a layout change of some big website but not like Propeller. The good news is that they will keep on tracking the visitors of their members. The blog says:

Please rest assured that we are continuing to track ALL your current users traffic data.
The maintenance will be there for about 12-24 hours. Lets see that what new layout/design they come up with.

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Is it Sin to Digg/Reddit for Money?

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Invesp interviewed a digger (who wishes to remain anonymous), and claims to reveal the 'secrets' of the 'power diggers'.

Well, it is not surprising to hear that the digg/reddit users charge money for promoting contents. Many a times i have seen great stories having only a couple of digg/upvotes while some real crap making it upto the front page. But again it might be crap for me but might not be for others. There is no harm in getting some paid help from a popular users to promote some genuine content. In my opinion, if the content is worthwhile, then a paid promotion should not be discouraged.

Digg might be doing some investigation in this regard. They may be trying to narrow down the karitzma of the top users but the ground reality is that they are the people contributing a lot of their time to the community and they are, primarily, keeping it running. So getting paid for something you already do is more of a fun thing than to be criticized at. Atleast, it is bringing in some extra money. ;).

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Google Chrome: Google's Open Source Browser

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Well, Google says that it will be launching the beta version of Google Chrome tomorrow in more than 100 countries.

It is based on the
components from Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox which themselves are open source and hence to keep the spirit alive, they are also keeping it open source. Google has been providing inovation and effective services ever since its creation. Google Chrome is another option, and lets hope that it will contribute to make the web even better. You may get the comic book based on Google Chrome here.

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Eureka! I found my credit relief

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I was wondering the other day about how i will be paying for my sunglasses business when i donot have the money to do so. I was in a fix not knowing what to do. Then i came across this great site which helped me out of my crisis.

Accommodative Financial Solutions | The Unsecured Loan Experts provide loan facilities to its customers. They are quite impressive in their processing as they require only 24-48 Hour response time for the approvals. As compared with other companies, they are quite fast, efficient, safe and secure. Their Expert Loan Analyst helps you out with your requirements. The features with make them stand apart from many are

Very High Approval rating

No Upfront Fees

No Application Fees

In order to Qualify for an Unsecured Business Loan or a Small Business Line of Credit, there are four main factors
1.   Personal Credit History
2.   Income
3.   You should expect the Max size of the small business loans or credit lines, combined and totaled, to be equal to 15% -30% of your gross annual sales, so long as the company is profitable and you have the excess income to repay the business loan.
4.   Normal Unsecured Business Lines and/or Loans require 2+ years in business, but no need to worry if you dont because they have other options as well to fulfill your needs.

More over they provide a Unsecured Small Business Loan for up to $250,000 and for Unsecured Small Business Line of Credit upto $150,000. So if you are also facing some financial constraints regarding your business then apply now for Small Business Loans.

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Frontier Label: Ultimate Source for Labels and Stickers

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Frontier Label Inc. is a great source for ordering stickers and labels online. The company has been producing high quality stickers for about four years till now and have proven their worth in this regard. Their site is nicely designed with distinctive and self explanatory tabs incorporating Web 2.0.

The thing which impressed me was its free quotations in which you can have the estimated cost of the order by adding your required specifications. There is a great variety of sizes available to chose from and at the same time, it allows you have your custom size as well. Moreover, they also print those great looking double sided stickers as well.

An other reason that you should be using their services is the ability to instantly track the orders and get to know its status. Besides providing high resolution printing and guaranteed delivery of 5 days, it also provides the facility of supplying the order in 1 business day with some extra charges.
For guidelines and references, it provides assistance with regards to their requirements and drafting of labels. If you are not satisfied with that you may contact them via live chat. Here are few of the sample stickers

So next time you feel like publishing Stickers, feel free to contact Frontier Label Inc.

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Reddit is Down! and So was Digg

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Last night, when i tried to access digg, firstly it didn't open. I thought of it some crappy problem with my router then after a few minutes, when i retried it said Digg will be back soon. It took about 20 minutes to get it back online. I thought of it some kind of maintenance issues but then today i see reddit going down too. Is there some crazy news regarding the high profile activity roaming around the network which the authorities are trying to hide or is it just coincidence? Lets see if someone comes up with a reason.
Here are the screen shot for today

and yesterday night
UPDATE: Reddit is back up again but no clue of being offline. Moreover, it is a bit slow at the moment.

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12 Reasons Why you SHOULD Switch To Gmail

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Google has some really awesome services one of which is Gmail. I had an account with hotmail at first, 10 years back and which i am still using but at the same time switched to Gmail for its great features. Here are the reasons why you should shift from you Yahoo or Hotmail account or quit using Outlook and get a life at Gmail.

1. Simple yet efficient design and the Ajax script is lovely to use.

2. Gmail spam filters block 99% of the spam that usually makes it to your inbox. Although Outlook had a good spam filter, I still usually got around 2 or 3 emails a week sneaking into my inbox… not with Gmail. Yahoo mail on the other hand is really easy to dodge as far as spamming is concerned.

3. You may keep on using the old account and you emails from the Gmail account will be forwarded to your old mailbox. With Gmail you may also get to keep your old email account, and all incoming emails will be forwarded to your new Gmail account.

4. Word docs, PDF’s and spread sheets may also be created with Gmail via the use of GoogleDocs.

5. Gmail allows you to schedule events with the Google Calendar that will notify you by email to remind you of an appointment or meeting. It can also send a reminder to the person or persons that you will be meeting with.

6. Gmail has something called ‘Stars’ and which allows you to tag emails you find important. You can actually do a search for ‘Starred‘ emails and they all pop up, and as quick as a normal google search!

7. Your emails are tabbed into a thread, which means you no longer have to look for old emails… it is more like a conversation window.

8. You can archive old emails or whole conversations so that you can keep your Inbox clear.

9. You can set up filters and labels to keep your Inbox organised and clutter free.

10. It has a fast, easy search function which means you will never lose an email again. The search is as fast a normal google search which is ace.

11. All your emails are online which means that you access your emails from anywhere, not just one computer which is the case with the Outlook.

12. With Gmail… you will never have to delete an email again. Currently its over 7 Gb and it keeps on increasing

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Google's Adsense Feed Ads for RSS

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We all know that Google is evolving real fast and with its newly launched service Google Knol, it is challenging to dominate the encyclopedia world as well. Recently, Google announced its Adsense for Feed service open to the public though keeping the webmasters and advertisers waiting for three good years since its beta release.
Adsense has been a real earning revenue for most of us and is being most widely used by the bloggers. Previously, when Feedburner was bought by Google, it had its own monetization network called FeedBurner Ad Network which was closed in late July. Now with the launch of Adsense for Feeds, the publishers with large number of subscribers would be able to benifit and could monetize their feed as well.

Lets hope that with the new features being implemented, Google will also be improving its existing Adsense system which, people say, bans the accounts without proper justification.

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Great photography with Artistic touch

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Great photography with Artistic touch

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Chinese Aircraft Carrier in a lake

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Guess who can build an aircraft carrier in a lake. Well its the Chinese :)
 Is it unbelievable? Well infact it is an aircraft carrier shaped building which is located somewhere near Shanghai. Here is another view of it.

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My Room at Friends Feed

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I have created a room at FriendFeed for sharing social media links. Anyone interested my please join. Here is the link for the room:
Social Help

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This computer will never be obsolete [PIC]

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You never know what will happen next.

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Size Doesn't Matter! Be Smart [Video]

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Do you agree that smartness overrules the size? Please comment on this video.

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Think before writing about Muhammad (PBUH)

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In an article by Ms. Asra Q. Nomani published at the Wall Street Journal, she wrote about Ms. Jones who happened to study the life of Aisha, the wife of the beloved Prophet (PBUH).
Now writing about something too sacred to the people of a particular religion demands extreme caution and should not express any kind of derogatory sentiments or any other objectionable material regarding that. No Muslim would like to read something related to the intimate life of Muhammad (PBUH). This is just the way things are and will be. So, in my opinion, unless you are really really sure about the contents you cannot support someone's work whether or not he/she claim to be supportive. And again whether or not Ms. Asma consider such explanation necessary, there are millions of people who would for sure consider this as offensive stuff.

As rightly said by Ms. Spellberg "......You can't play with a sacred history and turn it into soft core pornography."

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Top 10 RSS readers for Mobile phones, PDA`s and cellular devices

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Ever wanted to access the contents from your favorite sites from your cell phone or PDA without wasting extra bandwidth? Well here is a list of such readers which will allow you to access RSS feed from your mobile device.

  1. Free Range: Take RSS to your Palm, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry using this Java-based program. 
  2. Lite Feeds: Just download this program to your phone and you'll be able to read and browse your feeds, email them to friends and track bookmarks with del.icio.us. 
  3. Mobile RSS: This reader will allow you to read your RSS feeds anywhere and on just about any kind of mobile device. 
  4. mReader: Mobile phones, Blackberrys and PDAs can take advantage of this simple RSS reader program. 
  5. Egress: Designed for Windows Mobile, this program is sleek and easy to use, working for both podcasts and RSS feeds. 
  6. Mobispine: This free program allows users to read RSS feeds right on their mobile phones as well as participate in a variety of other RSS-related things. 
  7. FeederReader: Phones running Windows Mobile can try out this RSS reader program, though those interested in Web development might take the most away from it as it allows users to view the workings behind the program. 
  8. Quick News: Pimp out your Palm with this program which allows you to download your feeds so you can read them even if you don't have an Internet connection. 
  9. Bloglines Mobile: Users of Bloglines can take their news reading on the road with this great mobile reader program. 
  10. NewsGator Go!: This mobile version of NewsGator syncs up with your online account and allows you to access your feeds from anywhere.

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Websites with Funny Domain Names

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You may find some words or names quite amusing not because they are funny but because when used together with other words they seem to give some other meaning. Here is a list of a few such domain names:

10. webone.com.au


I’m very happy for you but the ladies don’t really like it when you say you’re boning…what’s that you say? Web One? My mistake.

9. potsofart.com


Oh, Pots of Art… people do like artsy pots more than pots full of farts.

8. daleshitchinstation.com


Poor Ol’ Dale. Stuck with the worst nickname in history and he goes and names his station after it. I’m not even gonna ask how he got the “shit chin”.

7. teacherstalk.co.uk


Remember that hot drama teacher from High School? Ever wonder where she is now? Do you want to know what she’s wearing and whom she’s with at this moment? Then seek help…this is a website for teachers who want to talk. No stalkers allowed!

6. wtf.org


WTF indeed! I had no idea there was a World Taekwondo Federation. Please don’t kick me.

5. goredforwomen.org


There are a lot of things I’d do for women but goring is at the top of the list of things I won’t.

4. mp3shits.com


I have a lot of downloaded music but why would anyone want to listen to bowel movements?

3. accesstherapist.com


Not sure why I’d want to access the rapist, in fact I would like to stay as far away as I can, thank you very much.

2. dollarsexchange.com


Sounds like a good deal for a sex change but then again, you get what you pay for.

1. gotahoe.com


As a matter of fact I don’t but thanks for asking Mr. Pimp. Oops, I mean Tahoe is very nice this time of year.

Source: Top10kid

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Enhance Brain performance and capabilities

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I found a very interesting article claiming to enhance brain performance.

The brain is a three-pound supercomputer. It is the command and control center running your life. It is involved in absolutely everything you do. Your brain determines how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how well you get along with other people. Your brain even determines the kind of person you are. It determines how thoughtful you are; how polite or how rude you are. It determines how well you think on your feet, and it is involved with how well you do at work and with your family. Your brain also influences your emotional well being and how well you do with the opposite sex.
Brain PowerYour brain is more complicated than any computer we can imagine. Did you know that you have one hundred billion nerve cells in your brain, and every nerve cell has many connections to other nerve cells? In fact, your brain has more connections in it than there are stars in the universe! Optimizing your brain’s function is essential to being the best you can be, whether at work, in leisure, or in your relationships.
It’s simple, your brain is at the center of everything you do, all you feel and think, and every nuance of how you relate to people. It’s both the supercomputer that runs your complex life and the tender organ that houses your soul. And while you may run, lift weights, or do yoga to keep your body in good condition, chances are you ignore your brain and trust it to do its job.
No matter what your age, mental exercise has a global, positive effect on the brain. So, here are 22 ways to boost your brain power:
1. Run up your brain cells.

Research suggests that people who get plenty of physical exercise can wind up with better brains. Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif., found that adult mice who ran on an exercise wheel whenever they felt like it gained twice as many new cells in the hippocampus, an area of the brain involved in learning and memory, than mice who sat around all day discussing Lord of the Rings in Internet chat rooms. The researchers weren’t sure why the more active rodents’ brains reacted the way they did, but it’s possible that the voluntary nature of the exercise made it less stressful and therefore more beneficial. Which could mean that finding ways to enjoy exercise, rather than just forcing yourself to do it, may make you smarter - and happier, too.
So, play a sport, train for an event such as a marathon, triathlon or “fun run,” or work out with a buddy to help keep things interesting.
2. Exercise your mind.
It isn’t just physical exercise that gets those brain cells jumping. Just like those head-pumped cabbies and piano jockeys, you can build up various areas of your brain by putting them to work. Duke University neurobiology professor Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D., co-author of Keep Your Brain Alive, says that finding simple ways to use aspects of your brain that may be lagging could help maintain both nerve cells and dendrites, branches on the cells that receive and process information. Just as a new weightlifting exercise builds up underused muscles, Katz says that novel ways of thinking and viewing the world can improve the functioning of inactive sections of the brain.
Experience new tastes and smells; try to do things with your nondominant hand; find new ways to drive to work; travel to new places; create art; read that Dostoyevsky novel; write a buddy comedy for Ted Kennedy and Rush Limbaugh - basically, do anything you can to force yourself out of your mental ruts.
3. Ask why.
Our brains are wired to be curious. As we grow up and “mature” many of us stifle or deny our natural curiosity. Let yourself be curious! Wonder to yourself about why things are happening. Ask someone in the know. The best way to exercise our curiosity is by asking “Why?” Make it a new habit to ask “why?” at least 10 times a day. Your brain will be happier and you will be amazed at how many opportunities and solutions will show up in your life and work.
4. Laugh.
Scientists tell us that laughter is good for our health; that it releases endorphins and other positively powerful chemicals into our system. We don’t really need scientists to tell us that it feels good to laugh. Laughing helps us reduce stress and break old patterns too. So laughter can be like a “quick-charge” for our brain’s batteries. Laugh more, and laugh harder.
5. Be a fish head.
Omega-3 oils, found in walnuts, flaxseed and especially fish, have long been touted as being healthy for the heart. But recent research suggests they’re a brain booster as well, and not just because they help the circulation system that pumps oxygen to your head. They also seem to improve the function of the membranes that surround brain cells, which may be why people who consume a lot of fish are less likely to suffer depression, dementia, even attention-deficit disorder. Scientists have noted that essential fatty acids are necessary for proper brain development in children, and they’re now being added to baby formulas. It’s possible that your own mental state, and even your intelligence, can be enhanced by consuming enough of these oils.
Eating at least three servings a week of fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna is a good start.
6. Remember.
Get out an old photo album or high school yearbook. Your brain is a memory machine, so give it a chance to work! Spend time with your memories. Let your mind reflect on them and your mind will repay you in positive emotions and new connections from the memories to help you with your current tasks and challenges.
7. Cut the fat.
Can “bad” fats make you dumb? When researchers at the University of Toronto put rats on a 40-percent-fat diet, the rats lost ground in several areas of mental function, including memory, spatial awareness and rule learning. The problems became worse with a diet high in saturated fats, the kind that’s abundant in meat and dairy products. While you may never be called upon to navigate a little maze in search of a cheddar cube, these results could hold true for you as well, for two reasons: Fat can reduce the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your brain, and it may also slow down the metabolism of glucose, the form of sugar the brain utilizes as food.
You can still get up to 30 percent of your daily calories in the form of fat, but most of it should come from the aforementioned fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Whatever you do, stay away from trans fats, the hardened oils that are abundant in crackers and snack foods.
8. Do a puzzle.
Some of us like jigsaw puzzles, some crossword puzzles, some logic puzzles - it really doesn’t matter kind you choose to do. Doing puzzles in your free time is a great way to activate your brain and keep it in good working condition. Do the puzzle for fun, but do it knowing you are exercising your brain.
9. The “Mozart Effect.”
A decade ago Frances Rauscher, a psychologist now at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, and her colleagues made waves with the discovery that listening to Mozart improved people’s mathematical and spatial reasoning. Even rats ran mazes faster and more accurately after hearing Mozart than after white noise or music by the minimalist composer Philip Glass. Last year, Rauscher reported that, for rats at least, a Mozart piano sonata seems to stimulate activity in three genes involved in nerve-cell signalling in the brain.
This sounds like the most harmonious way to tune up your mental faculties. But before you grab the CDs, hear this note of caution. Not everyone who has looked for the Mozart effect has found it. What’s more, even its proponents tend to think that music boosts brain power simply because it makes listeners feel better - relaxed and stimulated at the same time - and that a comparable stimulus might do just as well. In fact, one study found that listening to a story gave a similar performance boost.
10. Improve your skill at things you already do.
Some repetitive mental stimulation is ok as long as you look to expand your skills and knowledge base. Common activities such as gardening, sewing, playing bridge, reading, painting, and doing crossword puzzles have value, but push yourself to do different gardening techniques, more complex sewing patterns, play bridge against more talented players to increase your skill, read new authors on varied subjects, learn a new painting technique, and work harder crossword puzzles. Pushing your brain to new heights help to keep it healthy.
11. Be a thinker, not a drinker.
The idea that alcohol kills brain cells is an old one, but the reality is a bit more complicated. In fact, a study of 3,500 Japanese men found that those who drank moderately (in this case, about one drink per day) had better cognitive functioning when they got older than those who didn’t drink at all. Unfortunately, as soon as you get beyond that “moderate” amount, your memory, reaction time is all likely to decline. In the same study, men who had four or more drinks a day fared worst of all.
Just as bad is the now common practice of “binge drinking,” otherwise known as getting hammered on the weekend. Research on rats found that those who consumed large amounts of alcohol had fewer new cells in their brains’ hippocampus region immediately after the binge, and virtually none a month later. This suggests that the alcohol not only damaged the rats’ brains, but kept them from repairing themselves later on - in human terms, that means you shouldn’t expect to pass the Mensa entrance exam any time soon.
12. Play.
Take time to play. Make time to play. Play cards. Play video games. Play board games. Play Ring Around the Rosie. Play tug of war. It doesn’t matter what you play. Just play! It is good for your spirit and good for your brain. It gives your brain a chance to think strategically, and keeps it working.
13. Sleep on it.
Previewing key information and then sleeping on it increases retention 20 to 30 percent. You can leave that information next to the bed for easy access, if it is something that won’t keep you awake. If you are kept awake by your thoughts, writing everything down sometimes gets it “out of your mind,” allowing you to sleep (so keep a pen and paper nearby).
14. Concentration.
Concentration can increase brainpower. Obvious, perhaps, but the thieves of concentration are not always so obvious. Learn to notice when you are distracted. Often the cause is just below consciousness. If there is a phone call you need to make, for example, it might bother you all morning, sapping your ability to think clearly, even while you are unaware of what is bothering you.
Get in the habit of stopping to ask “What is on my mind right now”. Identify it and deal with it. In the example given, you could make the phone call, or put it on tomorrow’s list, so your mind is comfortable letting it go for now. This leaves you in a more relaxed state where you can think more clearly. Use this technique to increase your brainpower now.
15. Make love for your brain.
In a series of studies by Winnifred B. Cutler, PhD and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania and later at Stanford University it was found that regular sexual contact had an important impact on physical and emotional well being of women. Sexual contact with a partner at least once a week led to more fertile, regular menstrual cycles, shorter menses, delayed menopause, increased estrogen levels, and delayed aging. Brain imaging studies at UCLA have shown that decreased estrogen levels are associated with overall decreased brain activity and poor memory. Enhancing estrogen levels for women through regular sexual activity enhances overall brain activity and improves memory.
In Dr. Cutler’s study the occurrence of orgasm was not as important as the fact that sex was with another person. Intimacy and emotional bonding may be the most influential factors in the positive aspects of sex. As a psychiatrist I have seen many people withhold sex as a way to show hurt, anger, or disappointment. Dr. Cutler’s research suggests that this is self-defeating behavior. The more you withhold the worse it may be for you. Appropriate sex is one of the keys to the brain’s fountain of youth.
16. Play with passion!
You can’t do great work without personal fulfillment. When people are growing through learning and creativity, they are much more fulfilled and give 127% more to their work. Delight yourself and you delight the world. Remember what you loved to do as a child and bring the essence of that activity into your work. This is a clue to your genius; to your natural gifts and talents. da Vinci, Edison, Einstein and Picasso all loved to play and they loved to explore.
17. Cycles of consciousness.
Your consciousness waxes and wanes throughout the day . For most it seems to go through 90 minute cycles, with 30 minutes of lower consciousness. Watch yourself to recognize this cycle. If you learn to recognize and track your mental state, you can concentrate on important mental tasks when your mind is most “awake”. For creative insight into a problem, do the opposite. Work on it when you are in a drowsy state, when your conscious mind has slowed down.
18. Learn something new.
This one might seem obvious. Yes, we capitalize on our brain’s great potential when we put it to work learning new things. You may have a specific topic for work or leisure that you want to learn more about. That’s great.
Go learn it. If you don’t have a subject in mind right now, try learning a new word each day. There is a strong correlation between working vocabulary and intelligence. When we have new words in our vocabulary, our minds can think in new ways with greater nuances between ideas. Put your mind to work learning. It is one of the best ways to re-energize your brain.
19. Write to be read.
I am a big proponent of writing in a journal to capture ideas and thoughts. There is certainly great value in writing for yourself. I continue to find that my brain is greatly stimulated by writing to be read. The greatest benefit of writing is what it does to expand your brain’s capacity. Find ways to write to be read – by writing things for your friends to read, by capturing the stories of your childhood, starting your own blog or whatever – just write to be read.
20. Try aroma therapy to activate your brain.
One day, as I was falling asleep, while listening to endless speeches at a conference, my brain suddenly perked up when I caught a whiff of lemon from someone’s cologne. I immediately felt alert and found it much easier to pay attention to the presenter. I discovered aroma therapy really is useful and I have used it ever since revitalize or to relax.
Energizers include peppermint, cypress and lemon. Relaxants: ylang ylang, geranium and rose. A few drops of essential oils in your bath or in a diffuser will do the trick. You can also put a drop or two in a cotton ball or hanky and inhale. One caveat for the workplace; make sure no-one is allergic to the oils before you use them.
21. Drugs to increase brainpower.
Coffee and other drinks containing caffeine help students consistently score higher on tests. Since caffeine restricts blood vessels in the brain, it isn’t clear what the longer-term effects may be when it comes to your brainpower. So instead of coffee breaks try gingko biloba and gotu kola herbal teas. Ginkgo biloba has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, and improve concentration.
22. Build a brain trust.
Surround yourself with inspiring people from a wide variety of fields who encourage you and stimulate your creativity. Read magazines from a wide variety of fields. Make connections between people, places and things, to discover new opportunities, and to find solutions to your problems.
Remember that no matter what your age or your occupation; your brain needs to be constantly challenged to be at its peak in terms of performance. Whether it’s doing logic puzzles, memorizing lines from Shakespeare, or learning a new skill, keep your brain busy, if you don’t want it to rust away like a car in a junkyard.

 Click here for the source

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Using Sun to Estimate time without a clock or watch

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Imagine yourself stuck up in middle of nowhere having only sun to look at for your time estimation, then this post might come in handy.

Sun Position

  1. Make note of the position of the sun. If you're in the northern hemisphere, face the south; if you're in the southern hemisphere, face north. (If you don't have a compass, use one of these techniques.) In other words, look at the equator--that is the line the sun generally follows in the sky. It always rises in the east (which is to your left if you're facing south, to your right if you're facing north) and sets in the west.

    • If the sun is in the exact center of the sky, it's exactly noon. A nickname for this is "high noon" because the sun is at its highest at noon and the time will be 12:00 PM, but this assumes no daylight saving time, and that you're in the middle of your time zone. For instance, in Salt Lake City, Utah (US), "high noon" is actually at 1:30 PM in the summer because there's an hour added by daylight saving and another thirty minutes added because the city is that time distance (west) away from the center of the time zone.
    • If the sun is not in the exact center, you will have to do more figuring. If it is morning, the sun will be in the eastern half of the sky. If it is afternoon, the sun will be in the western half. You can use fractions to divide the sky into hours, and find the approximate time.
  2. Estimate the number of hours between sunrise and sunset. This varies depending on the season and location. Winter days are shorter than summer ones: about ten and fourteen hours, respectively. Spring and fall days tend to be about twelve hours long, especially close to the equinox (late March or late September).
  3. Divide the sun's path into segments. If you're looking towards the equator, you can imagine the sun following an imaginary arc from east to west, beginning and ending at the horizon, even if it's obscured. Visualize dividing that arc into equal segments; the number of segments should equal the number of hours in the day. If you know there are twelve hours in a day, you would divide the arc into twelve equal parts, six on the eastern half and six on the western half.

    • If you're having trouble visualizing the sky in segments, you can use your hand or fist to "measure" segments. Going hand over hand, count the amount of fists from one end of the arc to the zenith (the highest point of the sky). Take that number as half of a day. For instance, if you counted 9 fists, and you know the day is 12 hours long, nine fists would be equal to six hours. To figure out how much time each fist represents, divide the number of hours by the number of fists. One fist, then would equal 6 divided by 9 - or about 2/3 hours (40 minutes). This is your hours-per-fist.
  4. Determine which segment the sun is in. Starting in the east, count how many segments there are before you get to the segment that the sun is in. That will tell you how many daytime hours have passed. The segments that the sun hasn't touched yet indicate how many daytime hours are remaining. If you know the time of high noon, sunrise, or sunset in your area, then you can approximate the current time.

    • Using the Salt Lake City example given earlier, let's say there are fourteen segments (because it's summer) and the sun is on the ninth segment (from the east). The eighth segment (right after the highest point) begins at 1:30 PM. The ninth segment begins one hour after that, so if the sun is in the ninth segment, it's probably between 2:30 and 3:30 PM. If the sun was in the sixth segment, the time would be between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM. With practice, you'll be able to estimate time without consciously dividing the sky.
    • If you used the fists method, count the number of fists from the eastern end of the arc to the sun. Multiply that number times the hours-per-fist measurement. Let's say you counted three fists from east to west. Three hours times forty minutes equals 120 minutes, or two hours. So it's been two hours since sunrise. If you know the time of sunrise in your area and season, you can approximate what time it is.

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20 Really Simple RSS Readers

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Here is a list of a few really good RSS readers which would make your life easy.

  1. Bloglines: One of the first entries into the RSS reader market, Bloglines makes it easy to read and organize all of the content from your RSS feeds.
  2. Google Reader: Google Reader makes it simple to keep your feeds organized and accessible to you anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  3. NewsGator: This reader program allows you to easy organize your feeds into folders which you can go through, read and easily keep track of.
  4. FeedLounge: Simply subscribe to feeds through this reader and you'll be able to read them in this sleek and easy-to-use reader.
  5. FeedShow: This online RSS reader is free to use and can be a great help to publishers as it shares the revenue it makes.
  6. RSS2HTML: This free PHP script allows users to display any RSS feed as an HTML webpage.
  7. Rojo: A division of Six Apart, this reader not only allows you to collect and read RSS feeds but provides an online community that allows you to see what other members are reading.
  8. iPings: Here you'll find a bare bones reader that gives you no frills access to RSS reader capabilities.
  9. Rocket Reader: While still in beta, this program allows you to subscribe to and read any RSS feeds you'd like. Better yet, it's free to use.
  10. Fastladder: Fastladder makes it easy to quickly read large amounts of information from the Web.
  11. FeedDemon: Search for feeds and customize your reader with this RSS offering from Newsgator.
  12. MySindicaat: This fully featured reader displays feeds in a tree format, provides mixing capabilities and has mobile and mini versions as well.
  13. Fwicki: This site specializes in creating a "river" like style of RSS news feeds.
  14. NewsAlloy: NewsAlloy is a web-based RSS reader than provides users with a simple interface both online and on their mobile devices.
  15. Feeds 2.0: This customizable reader and aggregator also keeps track of your reading preferences and suggests new blogs and feeds you might be interested in checking out.
  16. Tazlog: Tazlog is a simple RSS reader that allows you to keep up with the latest news, network with others and publish your own content.
  17. NewsWatcher: Based on Scopeware technology.
  18. Novobot: A smart headline viewer and news ticker that can also process almost any website.
  19. News Is Free: Lets you create your own customized news page with feeds from the sites you're interested in.  
  20. RSS Reader: Free RSS reader is able to display any RSS news feed. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.

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The spanking you have never seen before

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You might have seen people doing odd and dangerous stuff but have you ever seen people joking and kidding with live ammo

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Drunk Driving at its Worst

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The picture says it all

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Stupidity Approaching Infinity [LMAO]

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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. (Albert Einstein)
I remember my good old days when i was a kid, i had my friend believed that every human has three eyes. The third one at the back of his head underneath the hair (lolz). I also convinced him that he was blinded from the third.
I stumbled across some really stupid yet hilariously funny stuff. Its some IRC conversation between two people. Here is how it goes:

<Cthon98> hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars
<Cthon98> ********* see!
<AzureDiamond> hunter2
<AzureDiamond> doesnt look like stars to me
<Cthon98> <AzureDiamond> *******
<Cthon98> thats what I see
<AzureDiamond> oh, really?
<Cthon98> Absolutely
<AzureDiamond> you can go hunter2 my hunter2-ing hunter2
<AzureDiamond> haha, does that look funny to you?
<Cthon98> lol, yes. See, when YOU type hunter2, it shows to us as *******
<AzureDiamond> thats neat, I didnt know IRC did that
<Cthon98> yep, no matter how many times you type hunter2, it will show to us as *******
<AzureDiamond> awesome!
<AzureDiamond> wait, how do you know my pw?
<Cthon98> er, I just copy pasted YOUR ******'s and it appears to YOU as hunter2 cause its your pw
<AzureDiamond> oh, ok.

There is some more

<by> Is there anyway I can tell the world I'm an idiot?
<Seven7> Of course, just type your name, where you live and your confession
<by> Kk
<by> I am Mark Duval of Belgium, and I am an idiot
<by> ?
<by> Now what?
<Seven7> Don't worry. It's done
and more....

<Khassaki> HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!
<Judge-Mental> try pressing the the Caps Lock key
<Judge-Mental> fuck me

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America's Best Standard of Living

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I was tempted by the irony of this picture to write about it in my blog.

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Official Digg Resources

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Here are few of the official Digg resources which might find helpful

  • Digg Pics New- tracks the activity of images on the site. Images slide in from the left as people Digg and submit them.
  • Digg Arc - displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere.
  • Digg BigSpy - places stories at the top of the screen as they are dugg. As new stories are dugg, older stories move down the list.
  • Digg Stack - shows diggs occuring in real time on up to 100 stories at once.
  • Digg Swarm - draws a circle for stories as they’re dugg. Diggers swarm around stories, and make them grow.
  • Digg Clouds - Check the digg queue in Clouds format. The more diggs a story has the larger it appears in the cloud.
  • Digg Spy v2 - autorefreshing real time view of Digg now with spying all stories, front page stories and queued stories.
  • Digg Q - Unpromoted digg stories. Similar to DiggSpy.
  • Digg the Blog - “a means to detail all digg-related news, events, upgrades, feature additions, and much more.”
  • Digg Widget - Customize and add digg news to your site.
  • Digg Top Stories - A collection of top stories by day, week, month and year.
  • Digg Search - advanced search for Digg stories.
  • Google Coop Module - See Digg articles at the top of your Google Search results.
  • Google IG Module - View recent stories from Digg on your personalized Google homepage.
  • Digg Buttons & Badges - to add to your site.

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Transferring Widgets to New Blogger Template [Tutorial]

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Replacing a blogger template without losing the widget data is slightly complicated for the beginners but still not a difficult job. For this we have to create a temporary space or trunk for your widgets (which are also called Page Elements) within your current template, place your widgets in that section, copying the code and pasting it in the new template, uploading the new template and finally we have to rearrange the widgets.
To start off, lets go to Blogger Dashboard and select the blog you want to edit. After doing that click Layout tab and select Edit Html.

Now for . Look for the following piece of code which is all the way at the bottom.


Now you’re going to replace this code with the following :

<b:section id='widgets-trunk' showaddelement='yes'/>

Save your template. If you have done it right then you have created a section at the bottom of the template.
Now goto " Page Elements " and drag drop the widgets into your new section. This section basically creates a backup trunk for you widgets. See the picture for reference

After doing the above, save it. Congratulations, you have completed half of the task which was supposed to be the harder one. Now lets go to the " Edit Html " sub-tab again and find for this piece of code
<b:section id='widgets-trunk' showaddelement='yes'>
Now there should be some more code under this. For instance, in my case:
<b:section id='widgets-trunk' showaddelement='yes'>
<b:widget id='BlogArchive1' locked='false' title='Blog Archive' type='BlogArchive'/>

<b:widget id='Profile1' locked='false' title='About Me' type='Profile'/>

This is a list of all your widgets (Page Elements) that we just moved into the bottom section. You want to select all this code and copy it. We’re going to paste it into our new Blogger template code which will complete the transfer safely.
Now open your new Blogger template xml file in a text editor (you can use Notepad, just right click -> Open With -> Choose Notepad). Once you have it open, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the code and look for the following code:
You’re going to replace this code with the new code you just copied above. It is advised that you should not alter anything else unless you know what you are doing because otherwise you might mess things up. Save your new Blogger template and upload it through the field provided in the " Edit Html " sub-tab. Now goto the " Page Elements " sub-tab and Drag Drop the widgets where you like on the side bar. Save the template and Voila! you have successfully transferred your widgets without losing the data. Congratulations.

If you want any kind of help regarding this then please comments here.

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83 Must Read Articles for Bloggers

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Here are some bare essentials for Bloggers which comprehensively cover all the requirements for becoming a professional blogger.

Blogging Basics: Getting Started
1. How to "Announce" a Blog (Blog Traffic School)
4. The First 7 Days of Blogging (Pronet Advertising)
5. Put on Your Game Face (Pronet Advertising)
6. The Basics of RSS (Cheatppc)
Building Meaningful Content
8. 5 Ways to Building a Better Blog (Pronet Advertising)
Increasing Traffic & Retaining Readers
Linkbaiting, SEO, & Social Networks
26. 66 Ways to Build Links in 2007 (Brandon Hopkins)
28. Do You Digg This Headline? (Copyblogger)
33. Blogging SEO Basics (Matt Huggins)
38. Is it OK to Write for Digg? (Copyblogger)
Building a Community
Blog Monetization
45. 8 Tips to Optimize AdSense Units (Daily Blog Tips)
49. Make Money from Your Blog (Matt Huggins)
Blog Promotion
56. 21 Ways to Promote Your Startup Business (Business Credit Card)
67. Blog Promotion 101 (Problogger)
69. Blog Archive Promotion To-Do List (Successful Blog)
Miscellaneous Blogging Advice
78. The 5 Deadly Sins of Blogging (Pronet Advertising)
83. Help! I'm Addicted to Checking My Blog's Stats! (ProBlogger)

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