Websites with Funny Domain Names

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You may find some words or names quite amusing not because they are funny but because when used together with other words they seem to give some other meaning. Here is a list of a few such domain names:


I’m very happy for you but the ladies don’t really like it when you say you’re boning…what’s that you say? Web One? My mistake.


Oh, Pots of Art… people do like artsy pots more than pots full of farts.


Poor Ol’ Dale. Stuck with the worst nickname in history and he goes and names his station after it. I’m not even gonna ask how he got the “shit chin”.


Remember that hot drama teacher from High School? Ever wonder where she is now? Do you want to know what she’s wearing and whom she’s with at this moment? Then seek help…this is a website for teachers who want to talk. No stalkers allowed!


WTF indeed! I had no idea there was a World Taekwondo Federation. Please don’t kick me.


There are a lot of things I’d do for women but goring is at the top of the list of things I won’t.


I have a lot of downloaded music but why would anyone want to listen to bowel movements?


Not sure why I’d want to access the rapist, in fact I would like to stay as far away as I can, thank you very much.


Sounds like a good deal for a sex change but then again, you get what you pay for.


As a matter of fact I don’t but thanks for asking Mr. Pimp. Oops, I mean Tahoe is very nice this time of year.

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