Think before writing about Muhammad (PBUH)

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In an article by Ms. Asra Q. Nomani published at the Wall Street Journal, she wrote about Ms. Jones who happened to study the life of Aisha, the wife of the beloved Prophet (PBUH).
Now writing about something too sacred to the people of a particular religion demands extreme caution and should not express any kind of derogatory sentiments or any other objectionable material regarding that. No Muslim would like to read something related to the intimate life of Muhammad (PBUH). This is just the way things are and will be. So, in my opinion, unless you are really really sure about the contents you cannot support someone's work whether or not he/she claim to be supportive. And again whether or not Ms. Asma consider such explanation necessary, there are millions of people who would for sure consider this as offensive stuff.

As rightly said by Ms. Spellberg "......You can't play with a sacred history and turn it into soft core pornography."

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