Generating Targeted Traffic from Forums

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Traffic from forums is extremely effective because you are generating highly targeted niche traffic.The first thing to remember is that forums are communities, and communities thrive because of give and take relationships. Forums are made up of people who have a COMMON INTEREST. Chances are, you can find a forum on just about ANY topic whether it’s auto repair, home financing, video game development or any other of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of topics.

Effective posting in forums can produce quality traffic in hours or sometimes even minutes.

Begin by Googling for a forum in your niche. Once you have found one, spend a little time reading what other members are posting about so you can get a good feel for the culture of this community. Also pay a little attention to the types of user names that other members are using, and take note whether signatures are allowed.

If you decide to join choose an appropriate user name. It might be a keyword that has to do with your niche, or better yet … your own name. There really is NO reason to be hiding behind the internet, and no reason to be “cute.” And if you are professional about what you do and want people to take you seriously, your name will have value. Don’t be afraid to use it. Another tip on user name selection is to put your URL right into your user name.

Powerful signature files are very important. These are backlinks to your site … so THINK KEYWORDS when creating your signature.

Once your profile is complete with all the important details (your photo and sometimes a bit about your background and a link to your web site), it’s time to start posting.

After a brief introduction (for first post) look for questions that people are asking … and provide some quality answers. When appropriate, refer to your web site, or specific articles you have written to provide them with additional information.

Keep track of the questions that come up regularly, as this is an opportunity for YOU. Forum members are now telling YOU what their problems are. And if it’s a common problem, then you need to provide a solution.

As far as “advertising your services” in a forum, generally this practice is not acceptable and is viewed as spamming. However, many forums have a marketplace where you can buy/sell/trade/swap and so forth. Look for those, and post as often as you can.

Remember to seek the right balance. Participate often enough to show your knowledge and gain credibility, but too much time in forums can also take away from your productivity. Be sure to limit how much time you post.

Maintain a goal of helping to solve people’s problems and naturally people will click on your link and visit your site. You’ll be generating traffic in no time. Now go out there and claim your free traffic at the forums.

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Top 100 High PageRank Free Directories

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Search Engines have a high weightage for one way links and the link worth is increased many folds when its is listed in a high pagerank directory. I have found a really awesome collection of Link Directories, sorted by Mr Kumar. The best thing about them is that they are all free (although the first one is not free but its best of all).

1 9 (paid)
2 9
3 8
4 8
5 8
6 8
7 8
8 7
9 7
10 7
11 7
12 7
13 7
14 7
15 7
16 7
17 7
18 7
19 7
20 7
21 7
22 7
23 7
24 6
25 6
26 6
27 6
28 6
29 6
30 6
31 6
32 6
33 6
34 6
35 6
36 6
37 6
38 6
39 6
40 6
41 6
42 6
43 6
44 6
45 6
46 6
47 6
48 6
49 6
50 6
51 6
52 6
53 6
54 6
55 6
56 5
57 5
58 5
59 5
60 5
61 5
62 5
63 5
64 5
65 5
66 5
67 5
68 5
69 5
70 5
71 5
72 5
73 5
74 5
75 5
76 5
77 5
78 5
79 5
80 5
81 5
82 5
83 5
84 5
85 5
86 5
87 5
88 5
89 5
90 5
91 5
92 5
93 5
94 5
95 5
96 5
97 5
98 5
99 5
100 5

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9 Tips for Keeping your Traffic on you Blog

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In my post 11 Don'ts for Blog Design, i have discussed the mistakes which people do when designing their blog or website. In this post i will list few valuable points in keeping the visitors on you site and increasing your RSS subscribers.

1. Choosing your blog hosting - If you have a paid hosting and your blog doesn’t load in a reasonable time, there is little chance you’ll even get to say hi to many of your social media visitors.

2. Optimized and minimum Graphics - Again i would say even if your host is fast, heavy graphics may still drown you. Keeping graphics to the bare minimum will ensure that your blog loads fast. Also, make sure the graphics you use are optimized for use on web.

3. Keep it Open Spaced - Your different sections should be well apart. If there isn’t enough space to keep things apart, it may look too crowded and congested, resulting in confusing and putting off your visitors.

4. Header Selection - A big header will push the content down the page where it is not instantly noticeable to your new visitors. So keep the header size small so as to bring your main content to front.

5. Navigation Links - Navigation links are always helpful but no one likes stuffed up navigation bar. If you have a vertical navigation bar, don’t overcrowd it. Don’t list every non-post page in the navigation. For instance, if you have a privacy policy page, its link can go in the footer. And if your logo or blog name is linked to the main blog page, there is no need to put an extra ‘home’ link in the navigation.

6. Homepage Cleanup - Keep only the necessary stuff at your homepage. Remove unnecessary bookmarking and other buttons. You may use a compact button with almost all bookmarking options, like the one i use, from addthis

7. Prominent Headings - Not only the headings should be attention grabbing, but they should also stand out from the rest of the content for them to be noticeable. Keeping the headings fairly large would help in this regard. They may be colored differently from the normal text.

8. Start your posts with one sentence paragraphs - that are also attention-grabbing, surprising, or strange. This helps in building your newly arrived visitors’ interest.

9. Keep your paragraphs as short as possible - Whether you write long posts or not, keep the paragraphs very very short. If a paragraph exceeds three lines, break it down to two or more separate paragraphs. In short, the smaller the better.

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Women Driver Award 2007

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A few days back i got a mail from my friend titled "Women Driver Award 2007". After reading the mail i could not help myself laughing my ass off. So i thought it would be nice to share that with others.
So here we go,

Award for the 10th place goes to

At position 9 we have

Number 8 is for

7th position goes to

At 6 it is

At position 5 we have

Award for position 4 goes to

This one stood 3rd

Runner Up for the Competition and winner of Silver Medal

plz note that she is wearing the helmet backward.

Finally the Champion of Women Driver Award 2007 and
of Gold Medal is

Hope you enjoyed it.

PS: Women readers dont get offended. Shit happens. lolz

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11 Don'ts for Blog Design

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I have jotted down eleven mistakes which people do when designing their website/blog.

1. Overloaded Graphics:
One should never want his visitor to wait ages to view his web-page. A web page should load in a reasonable amount of time. If you use too many graphics, or graphics that are not scaled and saved in an efficient format, your pages will take too long to load. Impatient users will bail out and go to another site. Clean and fast should be your goal when making web pages. You can usually make a very nice layout using HTML and CSS without the whole page being a sliced up graphic.

2. Color Selection
I have seen some site with absolutely shocking color combination. So just because it looks cool to you doesn’t mean everyone will find it easy to read. Test your color choices out on a mix of people before you get too far into your design. You don’t want to turn people away just because they have trouble reading the text on your site. There are colors for backgrounds and text that perform better than others for some types of sites, its your job to research which one matches the best.

3. Usage of Animations
None likes unnecessary distractions. You want your visitors to concentrate on whatever your site is about. You don’t want your pages look like the arcade at an amusement park with animated gifs everywhere. A little animation goes a long way.

4. Implementation of Flash
Flash is big these days and very useful for a lot of tasks, however, one thing you want to avoid is to put a big flash welcome page as the default page of your web site. Most people find it annoying. Their time is valuable and to make them sit through it, or have to click a skip button is just irritating.

5. Cross Browser Compatible Issues
Always check out your site by viewing it in the main browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Opera) and on a PC and Mac if possible. You’d be surprised how each web browser has its quirks. Sometimes a page will look really bad or completely wrong in one browser and you’ll have to spend time correcting the problem. But, you won’t know unless you test it… don’t rely on your visitors to tell you.

6. Dead Links
Broken links make people frustrated. This one should be obvious, check you site’s navigation and all the links occasionally. There are tools available to do this for you if you have a really large site.

7. Disjointed Layout and Poor Navigation
Make sure your site is easy to use. Have someone that’s not familiar with your site try to locate something. Ask them to place an order, or find the page for sending in support questions, etc. Watch them. Listen to what they have to say and adjust your site to make it work better.

8. Missing or Incomplete Contact Information.
Make sure the contact information on your site is kept current and complete.

9. “Pretty Text” vs. Real Text
The font styles are somewhat limited for web pages. Some people want their site to look really good with fonts like you can use in Microsoft Word or other word processor packages. So how do you do that? You make it in Adobe PhotoShop or another graphic package and save out your text, words, paragraphs, etc as images. This works really well as far as good looking text goes, however, because images are larger than text, the pages load slower. The bigger drawback is that you have the words, which tell what your site is about, locked up in images. It’s not accessible to search engines that crawl web sites and catalog them. What does that mean? It means that if you’re relying on getting traffic to your site from search engines you want real text on your site that the search engines can read, not images of text that only humans can read. If your site is not dependant on search engine traffic, then this may not matter other than the slower load time for the image laden pages.

10. Using Something Just To Be Using It
Don’t use flash, or background sounds, or videos that automatically load and start playing, or JavaScript that opens 900 windows. Only use these things when they are necessary and serve a valid purpose, don’t use them just because you may know how and want to show off.

11. Updating you Site Contents
As you or your organization changes you should modify your site to reflect those changes. As you add new products or announce new products, etc. you should add them to your site. Your web site can be a tremendous asset in your marketing toolkit, but not if it’s stale and outdated.

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