9 Tips for Keeping your Traffic on you Blog

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In my post 11 Don'ts for Blog Design, i have discussed the mistakes which people do when designing their blog or website. In this post i will list few valuable points in keeping the visitors on you site and increasing your RSS subscribers.

1. Choosing your blog hosting - If you have a paid hosting and your blog doesn’t load in a reasonable time, there is little chance you’ll even get to say hi to many of your social media visitors.

2. Optimized and minimum Graphics - Again i would say even if your host is fast, heavy graphics may still drown you. Keeping graphics to the bare minimum will ensure that your blog loads fast. Also, make sure the graphics you use are optimized for use on web.

3. Keep it Open Spaced - Your different sections should be well apart. If there isn’t enough space to keep things apart, it may look too crowded and congested, resulting in confusing and putting off your visitors.

4. Header Selection - A big header will push the content down the page where it is not instantly noticeable to your new visitors. So keep the header size small so as to bring your main content to front.

5. Navigation Links - Navigation links are always helpful but no one likes stuffed up navigation bar. If you have a vertical navigation bar, don’t overcrowd it. Don’t list every non-post page in the navigation. For instance, if you have a privacy policy page, its link can go in the footer. And if your logo or blog name is linked to the main blog page, there is no need to put an extra ‘home’ link in the navigation.

6. Homepage Cleanup - Keep only the necessary stuff at your homepage. Remove unnecessary bookmarking and other buttons. You may use a compact button with almost all bookmarking options, like the one i use, from addthis

7. Prominent Headings - Not only the headings should be attention grabbing, but they should also stand out from the rest of the content for them to be noticeable. Keeping the headings fairly large would help in this regard. They may be colored differently from the normal text.

8. Start your posts with one sentence paragraphs - that are also attention-grabbing, surprising, or strange. This helps in building your newly arrived visitors’ interest.

9. Keep your paragraphs as short as possible - Whether you write long posts or not, keep the paragraphs very very short. If a paragraph exceeds three lines, break it down to two or more separate paragraphs. In short, the smaller the better.

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