Top 10 RSS readers for Mobile phones, PDA`s and cellular devices

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Ever wanted to access the contents from your favorite sites from your cell phone or PDA without wasting extra bandwidth? Well here is a list of such readers which will allow you to access RSS feed from your mobile device.

  1. Free Range: Take RSS to your Palm, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry using this Java-based program. 
  2. Lite Feeds: Just download this program to your phone and you'll be able to read and browse your feeds, email them to friends and track bookmarks with 
  3. Mobile RSS: This reader will allow you to read your RSS feeds anywhere and on just about any kind of mobile device. 
  4. mReader: Mobile phones, Blackberrys and PDAs can take advantage of this simple RSS reader program. 
  5. Egress: Designed for Windows Mobile, this program is sleek and easy to use, working for both podcasts and RSS feeds. 
  6. Mobispine: This free program allows users to read RSS feeds right on their mobile phones as well as participate in a variety of other RSS-related things. 
  7. FeederReader: Phones running Windows Mobile can try out this RSS reader program, though those interested in Web development might take the most away from it as it allows users to view the workings behind the program. 
  8. Quick News: Pimp out your Palm with this program which allows you to download your feeds so you can read them even if you don't have an Internet connection. 
  9. Bloglines Mobile: Users of Bloglines can take their news reading on the road with this great mobile reader program. 
  10. NewsGator Go!: This mobile version of NewsGator syncs up with your online account and allows you to access your feeds from anywhere.

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