12 Reasons Why you SHOULD Switch To Gmail

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Google has some really awesome services one of which is Gmail. I had an account with hotmail at first, 10 years back and which i am still using but at the same time switched to Gmail for its great features. Here are the reasons why you should shift from you Yahoo or Hotmail account or quit using Outlook and get a life at Gmail.

1. Simple yet efficient design and the Ajax script is lovely to use.

2. Gmail spam filters block 99% of the spam that usually makes it to your inbox. Although Outlook had a good spam filter, I still usually got around 2 or 3 emails a week sneaking into my inbox… not with Gmail. Yahoo mail on the other hand is really easy to dodge as far as spamming is concerned.

3. You may keep on using the old account and you emails from the Gmail account will be forwarded to your old mailbox. With Gmail you may also get to keep your old email account, and all incoming emails will be forwarded to your new Gmail account.

4. Word docs, PDF’s and spread sheets may also be created with Gmail via the use of GoogleDocs.

5. Gmail allows you to schedule events with the Google Calendar that will notify you by email to remind you of an appointment or meeting. It can also send a reminder to the person or persons that you will be meeting with.

6. Gmail has something called ‘Stars’ and which allows you to tag emails you find important. You can actually do a search for ‘Starred‘ emails and they all pop up, and as quick as a normal google search!

7. Your emails are tabbed into a thread, which means you no longer have to look for old emails… it is more like a conversation window.

8. You can archive old emails or whole conversations so that you can keep your Inbox clear.

9. You can set up filters and labels to keep your Inbox organised and clutter free.

10. It has a fast, easy search function which means you will never lose an email again. The search is as fast a normal google search which is ace.

11. All your emails are online which means that you access your emails from anywhere, not just one computer which is the case with the Outlook.

12. With Gmail… you will never have to delete an email again. Currently its over 7 Gb and it keeps on increasing

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