Is it Sin to Digg/Reddit for Money?

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Invesp interviewed a digger (who wishes to remain anonymous), and claims to reveal the 'secrets' of the 'power diggers'.

Well, it is not surprising to hear that the digg/reddit users charge money for promoting contents. Many a times i have seen great stories having only a couple of digg/upvotes while some real crap making it upto the front page. But again it might be crap for me but might not be for others. There is no harm in getting some paid help from a popular users to promote some genuine content. In my opinion, if the content is worthwhile, then a paid promotion should not be discouraged.

Digg might be doing some investigation in this regard. They may be trying to narrow down the karitzma of the top users but the ground reality is that they are the people contributing a lot of their time to the community and they are, primarily, keeping it running. So getting paid for something you already do is more of a fun thing than to be criticized at. Atleast, it is bringing in some extra money. ;).

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