Commenting, The Lesser Known Secret of Promoting your Blog

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Yes, this is right. Not a lot many people value the worth of the comments published on other blogs and this is because they undermind the vitality associated to it. The comments to an article not only bring you traffic but also improve the search engine ranking of the link. This is because of the fact that if the blog post is indexed by the search engine, then so would be the comment and in this way you get a free link back to your post.
As mentioned before, comments have their importance in two prespectives;
1. They bring you direct traffic
2. They improve the value of the link for the search engines.
As far as direct traffic is concerned, people do tend to read comments and do click the links mentioned if they find it worthwhile. Darren Rowse of had done a quite a comprehesive analysis of the clicking tendency of his readers in his podcast. His video can be viewed below:

Unfortunately, this has also become a regular targetting by the spammers. Spammers use bots and comment posting softwares to post irrelevant and unnecessary comments to promote their site. Such comments usually donot have much value as the readers skip it and search engines might ban the site for spamming. You may read more about Dirty Tricks Used by Spammers.

The value of the link is also quite improved when SE spiders find the backlinks from a relevant post. Like for example you have written something about gardening and you have also commented at different blogs of your niche then the ranking of your post regarding gardening will improve as the search engine will find many topics related to gardening linking back to you.
Being relevant to topic is quite necessary for this particular factor because the advanced algorithm which the search engines use nowadays will not value much a link to gardening in a autosport post than that in gardening itself. You should also not post irrelevant comments as it harms your reputation. This is quite evident at the social networking sites like digg.
Again it is not necessary that your every comment should contain a link. The point is you should write something useful whether it is positive or negative.

So, the jist of the post is that you should comment to the relevant blog post because it not only promotes your website but also brings you free traffic. Also it is a part of blog ethics that you should comment to posts you like or dislike.

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