Rapidshare.com Changing Policies: Will it help the Premium Account Holders?

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Rapidshare.com had been going through a lot of changes lately. Firstly the whole layout was changed and then it started changing its policies. Although most of the changes are benifitting the users but some might be troublesome.

Here is the old layout of Rapidshare.com Premium Login Page:
The new layout is like

Its quite impressive that they have increased the download restriction from 25Gb in 5 days to 50Gb in 5 days which requires more than a 1 Mbps connection at the user end to reach. This is a really good news for the leechers.

For those seeking a free rapidshare premium account, they have added a new feature called Rapidshare Points PU i.e. the rapidshare point earned through premium users. Now even the premium users contribute towards points collection though its restricted to 255 points per day.

So Rapidshare is evolving and lets hope that its evolution favours the users.

EDIT: I have noticed that rapidshare is allowing upto 200Mb of split archives which can be downloaded by free users as well. Previously there was a limit of 2 Gb of file size and that only could be downloaded by Premium users. Regular split archives were of 100Mb. Here is the screen shot

Clearly They have not updated is completely as seen from here.

I have also heard that they have restricted downloading to only one IP per account at a time. I have not tested it yet but will update later.

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  1. [K] // August 16, 2008 at 1:49 PM  

    yes it's true!
    1 ip address at a time for users!
    Since I'm not going to use all that bandwidth I give away my password to my family and when they are downloading something I have to wait :P

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