Google Algorithm Update: Index your Flash Contents

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As we all know that Google is evolving real fast with thousands of people working for improving its algorithm, protection, spam filtering etc. Recently, Google has announced that with the help of its new algorithm, it can crawl through Adobe's Flash based contents.

Adobes's Flash is widely being used in many web-based applications and advertisements. It is used in creating banners, buttons, menus, interactive forms and sections. Previously, the contents in flash were not indexed by Google and therefore it was too difficult for the webmasters to optimize their flash based sites. Although flash used to make the website more attractive but had the drawback of lesser search engine traffic.

But now with the help the new algorithm, Flash based website would be indexed equally as the rest. One thing is for certain that this will bring a great increase in flashed based websites and contents and is expected to change the general layout of the websites. Secondly, the webmasters will lay more stress on the outlook of the websites too. Now the question is when will the arch rival Yahoo be able to index them and include them in its search results?.

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