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Importance of Traffic to Adsense Site

by Adsense Decoder

What do you think about traffic? In reality, busy traffic is undesirable and not beneficial to a society. However, on the other hand, in the world of internet, traffic is a good thing. As we all know, traffic is a very valuable asset to a website, epecially the one with Google Adsense Ads inside. Without traffic, you won't have clicks; without clicks, you won't have any revenue. Do you know how large the traffic volume is for those really "big" site? They can even have more than 300 clicks per day for their sites. It is quite extraordinary to a newbie of Adsense.
As time goes on, more and more webmasters begin to realize the importance of traffic to their sites. The amount of traffic generated by a given site is perhaps the most important predictor of the amount of AdSense revenue it generates. Therefore, to me, traffic is KING!! Even with the importance of factors such as proper formatting and placement of ads, no site can succeed without a sufficient number of visitors checking out the ads being offered.
For illustration purposes, let us look at a website that is receiving 1,000 visitors per day. Let's assume that the size gets an average of 10 cents per click, with a CTR of 5%. This means that of those 1,000 visitors, only 50 will click the ad (the 5% figure is a pretty realistic standard). That means that an average day's earnings would be a mere half a dollar, with an average monthly take of only $15 or so. These measly earnings may not even be enough to cover the hosting fees for the site.In order to earn even $60 per month, it would be necessary to quadruple the number of daily visitors, increase the click through rate, or both. You can see, therefore, why it is so important to constantly strive to drive more and more traffic through your virtual doors.
There are of course a number of strategies to increase web traffic, and most webmasters will have heard the term SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO techniques use a combination of targeted content rich in popular keywords, links from other sites and other methods to drive traffic and increase search engine rankings. Search engine rankings can be vital to website traffic, of course, since most people use some sort of search engine to find the information they need on a variety of subjects. Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is another popular way to build traffic to a site.
While this strategy can be very effective, it can also be quite costly, so it is important to carefully read the fine print of the agreement before signing up. Apart from that, you need to be very careful to those paid-to-surf, pard-to-click and auto-surf programs. Google can detect these programs very effectively, and in f act, many webmasters were being banned by Google just because they enrolled these programs. So, be careful to void these sorts of programs.
Hope this post can give you a brief introduction on how importance the traffic is to a site. If you have any enquiries, please kindly leave me a comment.

Tips to Drive Traffic to your Site

In my blog, I will discuss in-depth on how to drive traffic to one's site. Everybody knows that traffic is very important in earning clicks and revenue. However, building traffic is no easy task and requires a certain period of time to do so. In this case, I will try give you five tutorials (may be moe in the future) about the ways to drive traffic to my site.
1. Optimize Your Website
It is a matter of SEO. Maybe you have never heard of it. Even though you heard about it already, not everyone is familiar with it. In fact, Search engines will look at both the internal and external profile of your website while assigning a rank to a web page.
Internal profile of a website (which is so-called On-Page Optimization) includes usage of meta tags, heading tags, keywords, targeted content, and internal linking of website. External profile of your website defines the websites that are linking to your website. It also defines the pages where your link is placed. Besides, it identifies the Page Ranking of those pages along with the placement of your link. And it also includes the number of inward links you are getting. Using the relevant keywords in anchor text gives a boost to rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs). For more information on On-page optimization, please refer to our relevant posts in Da Adsense Code.
2. Linking Your website
After talking about the on-page optimization, here comes to off-page optimization. More often, webmasters only focus on on-page optimization, and neglect the presence of off-page optimization. In the world of internet, there are two kinds of links - External Links and Internal Links. External Links define the websites that are linking to your websiteInternal whereas Links refer to the internal linking of web pages. Getting links from other websites is the most powerful tool to drive traffic to your website. The results are instantaneous and highly effective. Getting links from quality websites with higher PR and proper anchor text definitely helps your site a lot and results in more fruitful traffic from search engines. Half the battle is won if you are able to provide the links in abundance. There are many tools available for automatically building links to your website. There are some link exchange directories on the net which are a good support in link building campaigns. However, the use of these support systems depend entirely on your beliefs and strategies. Proper inter-linking (that is intra-linking) of your web pages is also relevant and significant in driving traffic.

3. Post Articles
It is important that you publish and post more and more articles on the net or article websites. This gives you an advantage as it gets incoming links to your website. Posting unique articles catering to the interest of a large number of readers is also an effective way of driving organic traffic to your website. Well written articles bring more traffic to your website. More traffic means more profit for you. It is observed that as the PR of your website increases, the AdSense payouts also increase. You can hope to get many more internal links to your website through this medium. Search engines take into account the number of quality back links while assigning rank to your website. If visitors reading your articles are interested, they will check out your website and you will have increased number of links. In comparison to the links that point to other websites from your website, the links that point to your website give more points to your rankings.

4. Anchor Text
Anchor Text refers to the clickable text of a hyperlink. Anchor Text plays an important role with regard to the target traffic as well as the search engine rankings. An appropriate Anchor Text apprises the visitors of the content of the page it links to.
Besides, Anchor Text gives a real clue to the search engines regarding the content of the web page it links to. The right Anchor Text improves your website's search engine ranking. That's why it's imperative to pick the Anchor Text astutely.
Google reckons Anchor Text to be an indicator of the page relevance. Google, using its special operator "allinanchor:keyword", separately indexes the Anchor Text. Given below are some tips for choosing the right Anchor Text that suits the search engine algorithms, and attracts the right traffic.

5. Tools
To a lesser extent, website tools makes your website user friendly. It is recommended that you make use of the tools that are visitor friendly. New scripts and innovative schemes for the visitor help you get more inward links. This in turn builds traffic to your website. You should add the tools that are attractive. For example, you can offer free e-books, or introduce new exciting sections relevant to your website. This will make your website exciting for the visitors. Google loves unique content. It richly rewards the websites that provide more content and better facilities to the visitors. Google likes genuine of traffic coming to your website from Ad Sense network. Genuine traffic yields higher payouts. Website tools makes your website a genuine one. The credibility of your website increases the probability of your website getting high paying ads via Google.
6. Target Niche Keywords
It is important for you to identify the niche markets. This will enable you to fetch the traffic that has not been targeted much, and at the same time gels well with your industry. If your competitor is leading with X traffic on one keyword, you can compete with him by targeting ten niche keywords. This will give you the same amount of traffic. Keyword country provides you with hordes of niche keywords. These niche keywords bring more target traffic to your web pages. This results in a better ROI (if you are selling products or affiliates) or an increased Adsense CTR (Click Thru Ratio) of your ads.

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    The thing with adsense is it's a numbers game. Get the amount of traffic right and the niche or keyword selected and it's pay day

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