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Blog is the one of the most popular medium that enables publishers to start earning money with Adsense. Content is the very first thing that you need to have. After that, driving traffic to your blog is also a very difficult part. Questions on driving traffic to the blog are always the most popular question to be raised in Adsense Help Discussion Group. Joing PPC advertising program can be one effecive way, but not every blog publisher can affor to pay to join such program. In this post, I am going to discuss three quickest yet free method that drive the first stream of traffic to your blog.

1. Post messages and leave signature on related forums/ groups

Just like what I normally do in Adsense Group. Leaving the URL of your blog as the signature is quite effective in driving traffic to your site. All you have to do is find some forums or groups that are related to your area of interest. Just like my blog, who is talking about making money with Adsense, I choose the Adsense Help Group as my primary forum to leave messages. Of course, if you have time, you can find out more related forums by searching through various Search Engines.

Go to a few that you find informative and read around a bit. Join a couple of the forums, that you find interesting and are of value to you, as a member. However, one thing to remind you is that you should check out two things before joining any forum after doing searching.

- A forum must be indexed by the search engines, particularly by Google. If it's indexed, your posts will appear as backlinks to your site, raising your blog's PR (PageRank) in the search engines. You can gain search engine traffic as a result.

- A forum must also permit the use of a signature file. By creating a signature, that includes your blog URL, you have a link that brings forum members back to your blog.

In your member profile, be sure to use a "signature" that includes a link back to your blog. Make certain the signature appears on all of your postings. Without that link, no new traffic can find you.

2. Tell everyone you know about your blog

This offline networking technique will bring a fresh batch of visitors to your blog. As you become more comfortable with talking to people about your blog, your traffic numbers will take a jump. Many of them will surf to your blog, to read what you have to say.

But remember, only ask your friend or relative to visit your blog, but do not mention or request them to click the ads for you. Encouragement or providing incentives to click your ads is highly prohibited under Google’s TOS. Bear that in mind!

3. Put your links on your e-mails

When you send out any e-mails, either personal or business, be sure to add a link to your blog to each and every one of them.

With a quick and easy to click hot link back to your blog, many of your e-mail recipients will drop by for a look. While not everyone will check out your blogging activities, a few will. Another source of new visitors has been added, with minimum effort.

These three free and quickest methods are, after trial, quite effective to drive traffic to a new blog. You should make a try on them now and start earning big bucks through Adsense!

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