PPC reviewed: Adsense and Alternatives

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Here are few Ads Publishing Networks which you may find useful. Short discription and experience is also given for your convenience

  1. AdSenese - This is my #1 money maker, garnering more than 50% of my earnings.
  2. Direct Sales - You need your own domain and a good page rank to start making serious direct sales.
  3. FeedBurner - I did well in December, less so in January. I still got my hopes on them. I really like the team. They respond to my complaints, feature requests and questions faster than I can brew a pot of coffee. You want them to win, because they are great people.
  4. Amazon - I made money from them, but not thru blogging.
  5. BlogAds - Their ad system makes me a couple bucks, but not that much. Their ad server is extremely buggy, the bugs are rarely fixed, they lie that they are fixed, bugs are mostly just patched and thus re-occur.
  6. ReviewMe - I made a couple dollars from ReviewMe, but it seemed so contrived and their doesn't appear to be enough advertisers to bother with them.
  7. ExpoActive - No support and buggy to hell. In the end, I could no longer approve ads and I had $200 in direct sales just waiting for me. I made a couple bucks for a few months, but eventually got tired of zero support and bugs.
  8. Chitika - Once upon a time, I made a lot of money with these guys. It dried up quickly, they failed to pay me on time, lied to me until the cows were dead and I gave up on them.
  9. AdBrite - On more than a couple occasions they started running ads that I had not approved, including sex-related ads. Add no support and bugs and I gave up on them. After I removed all my ads, I continued to make a few $ (via bugs in their system) per week for several months, which they gladly paid me.
  10. Text Link Ads - I make a bit of money from them, but have never signed up. They advertise a lot thru Google on my various blogs. I need to allocate a little time to trying them out.
  11. Clicksor - They paid me so little that I would never had made their minimum withdrawal limit.
  12. Bidvertiser - The CPCs they claim and the CPCs I received were on different scales. See Clicksor.

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