Tips to make a Quality Blog and Attract Readers:

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Tips to make a Quality Blog and Attract Readers:

Search engine is one of the greatest thing on the internet, and in fact, it changes the way how people surf the net. Search engines are also important to an adsensers. Without a doubt, you can drive traffic to your site/blog whenever a person search a term. But one thing you need to realize, can you really get your site to the top 10 result pages? If not, do you think you can get significant traffic from search engines? I don't think so. In light of this, I think you better find other solid way to improve your traffic without search engines. One basic way is to keep update your blog.

Successful bogs overtime have managed to build huge numbers of readership. Their readers are their source of sustainable traffic. Search engine algorithm can change anytime. Your blog maybe number 1 now from the search engine results but changes can happen anytime. There is no guarantee you will have search engine traffic for a lifetime. Since readers are the source of sustainable traffic and since they are the engine of blogs sustainable success, how to have a large readership is one very important question.Is there a secret of having a large readership? I begin to make research and this is what I found so far. To build a large readership, you must understand your target audience and know what it is that they want.When you write your post, write it as if there is just one person in your mind. Think of him as a person whom you know intimately, you understand his goals, his dreams, his aspirations and things that really interests him. He is your ideal reader, he soak up every word and he clicks every link you include in each blog post.
You cannot please all the people all of the time. The best strategy is to focus on pleasing the people you can influence. You want people who will take action. You want readers who will click a link because you have recommended a new eBook or a new software product. You want readers who will click the "Buy Now" button and earn you an affiliate commission.Think about what people are usually looking for online. Your job as a blogger is to make that information available. Your job is to make your content closely match the wants of your target audience.
Other things you can do:
  • Stick to making posts regularly
  • Stay within your blog's theme
  • Encourage feedback
  • Respond to questions from your readers
  • Keep up to date with the news within the theme of your blog
  • Provide your readers with your opinions on relevant and interesting items
  • Reveal something yourself in your posts. Your readers are much more likely to trust you if you allow them to get to know you.

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