Personal Beta Testing for Windows Internet Explorer 8.0 Beta 1

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You will find a lot many browsers coming and going off the scene these days. With all the hard work that the coders are putting in, its really hard to tell which is the best. I had recently tested out the latest Windows Internet Explorer 8.0 Beta 1 on my Windows Xp box. Although i am a great fan of Mozilla Firefox but i personally consider the Internet Explorer as the next best thing.

Firstly, i would like to talk about the features and then the issues i had dealt with.
Here are a few things which IE8 Beta 1 has to offer:

Favorites Bar:
The previous Links bar is now Favorites Bar with the ability to add RSS, Webslices and local documents links besides your favorite links.


Webslice is graphics enriched version of web browsing experience but only available if the website developer has made the webslice of his site. The webslices are placed in the links bar (now called favorites bar). With webslice you can quickly view the updated part of the site and if you like then jump to it as well. Its more of Enriched RSS.

Improved Right Click Experience:
The right click is now much more improved with new features like blog with Windows live Space, Define with Encarta, Search with Live Search etc.

Crash Recovery:
The Crash Recovery is improved but i personally like the crash recovery of IE7 because of the
flexibility to choose the sites you want to restore.

Domain Recognition:
This is something really nice. With this feature you are able to quickly identify the domain from a huge web address.

Personal Opinion:

I would like to highlight some issues with this release which forced me to switch back to IE7.
First of all its way too much resources hungry.
Whenever i used to open multiple tabs like 9 - 10 simultaneously, then my process explorer used to show 90% of Processor usage only by iexplore.exe and system used to hung up a bit as well.
On the other hand when i use my firefox with about 30 - 35 tabs, system performance is not affected at all. So IE8 not suitable for me in this aspect. IE7 is more stable than this.
Secondly, i really dislike the way it runs the scripts like java. Everything, is scrambled and out of proportions. I was never able to access my hotmail account properly.
These problems would be because it is in its beta phase. Hopefully, the IE8 developers will improve in the final release. Meantime, i prefer using IE7 along with Firefox.

If you find any other feature or problem do comment it here.

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