Facebook: 5 Things which you should NOT do to your Friends at Facebook

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Have you ever been offended by the comments or actions of other people on facebook? Have ever thought that there should be some manners of using this service? Well here are a few facebook etiquette from eHow.com
1. Don’t “Like” statuses of bad news (especially when their relationship statuses go from “In a relationship” to “single”) 

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To the dismay of many Facebook users, Facebook has never integrated the ability to “dislike” status updates or links to articles. This gives all too much potential for abuse in terms of the “like” feature. There is no bigger breach of Facebook etiquette than “liking” a story of bad news, especially news of two people breaking up. If you see somebody telling a sob story or updating their status that they are single, it is best not to say anything at all. 

2. Don’t post incriminating evidence of friends:

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…right? Nope, not with Facebook around anymore at least. There is nothing worse than your friends posting humiliating drunken photos of you at a party last night and having everyone on Facebook knowing about it. Even worse, if your boss, significant other, or even kids see that kind of stuff—you are doomed. As you would not like to have incriminating evidence of yourself on Facebook, refrain from doing this to others! This also includes posting horrendous-looking photos of people blinking or looking plain foolish.

3. Don’t “POKE” people:

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The "poke" feature of Facebook is one of the oldest (and most annoying) features of Facebook. Sure in the beginning it was all fun and games, but who seriously uses it anymore? Also imagine how annoying it must be in real-life. If you wanted to get your friend's attention, would you really poke them? Common, nobody likes that. Even worse is a "poke war" that can last for months on end. Do yourself and your friends a favor and refrain from “poking” one another.

4. Don’t ask your friends to join your Farm

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There is nothing worse than logging into Facebook and having 1000 invitations from your friends to join their Farmville Farm. Farmville has to be one of the worst time-sucking games out there on the web (right next to Mafia Wars) and it is not necessary to spread that nasty habit to your friends. We already have enough distractions in our lives--Farmville should not be another one. 

5. Don’t post “passive-aggressive” comments (especially to your significant other or ex)

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There is nothing more annoying (or uncomfortable) than seeing passive-aggressive comments directed at others over the internet. For example, don’t post such comments as “You know what you did wrong” or “I will never forgive you”. Would you say such things to your significant other (or ex) in a crowded mall with a loudspeaker? If not, refrain from saying such things on Facebook as well

Cutting it short, everyone should be self disciplined enough to understand the limits which he/she should not be crossing. If everyone just try to understand the consequences of the actions before actually doing it, life in general and facebook in particular, will be a better place to live.

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