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This nice little hack has been discovered by Omgili's CEO Ran Geva in which a Google user can specify the timeframe for your search results. Traditionally, you can specify your search with last updated within option which is not that diverse. But conversely, with this trick you can also perform an almost real time search.

This is basically just the understanding of the format of the search url. There is a term QDR in search url indicating the time frame and is supposedly abbreviated as Query Date Range. The letter next to it specifies days (‘d’), minutes (‘n’) or seconds (‘s’). You can also add digits next to minutes and seconds to specify the interval. For instance,

Google Hack

The url will display results of post regarding iPhone updated in last 24 hours. If we replace ‘d’ it with s30, it will display the results updated in last 30 seconds. This is quite close to a real time searching.

Source Google Search Hack: Specifying timeframe for search results

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